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    FIFA eSports has returned with the 2021 Global Series (FGS). As in previous years, it has brought more awards and special rewards for watching the game. What's special is that EA provides a special FGS Player token to those who watch qualified video streams for at least one hour on Twitch.

    In this guide, there is a lot of content about FIFA 21 FGS, such as FIFA 21 FGS player tokens, their nature, how to obtain them in the game, and how to use them. If you are interested, just keep reading!

    How to obtain and redeem FIFA 21 FGS player tokens?

    In fact, getting FIFA 21 Ultimate Team FGS tokens is very simple. You only need to:

    1. Load FIFA 21 and get ready for the drop!
    2. Link your Twitch and EA accounts on the developer's website.
    3. Watch at least one hour of qualified FGS events on Twitch.
    4. Receive your FGS player token!
    5. Also note that there is only one FGS token per event with a reward cap, so don't expect to get one million at a time.

    After you have received at least two independent FIFA 21 FGS player markers, you can redeem them for backpack rewards in the Repeatable Squad Building Challenge (SBC). This gives you a new freeway to earn gift packs that players and items can use to fill your team (of course, by buying cheap FIFA 21 coins you can also build a good team).

    When and where can you see the first qualified FGS Championship?

    You can watch the game on 29 October (Thursday). This competition will invite professional soccer players like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Giovanni Reyna to work with FIFA professional players to participate in four teams.

    After that, it will be a long time before the regional qualifying matches start in December. Once qualifying begins, the qualifiers will become more frequent and you can earn tokens more often. The South America Region Qualifier will be held December 5-6, and the Europe Region Qualifier will be held December 12-13.

    Depending on the event, EA will use two different twitch channels for the event. Most of the events will take place on, while the North American qualifiers will be on Just make sure you are watching the right channel.
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