"FIFA 15" and Tactical Tasks Player

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    The options are the responsibilities of the players. There is also other shortcut for you: fifa coins for sale.

    General Assembly is the supreme captain of team players rulers (the highest of local actors on the basis of);

    Currency: Select ballplayer accurate (often there are 2 players);

    Choose free-range shot hit the exact players narrow gate;

    Free long distance shot can choose one when prompted good players;

    Twelve meters: Select will shut the door and strong players;

    If you simply want to manipulate, they are only four types of tactical command, attack, high blood pressure, the ball and the ball.

    When the ball team to get points you need, you can choose tactics - attack, then the team will become a fierce offensive.

    If the defender choosing tactics - high pressure, then increase in intensity of the defensive perimeter.

    As the management team scores that have the pace to slow, you can choose tactics - possession.

    If the equipment is difficult to break each other in the midfield line, you can choose the tactic - a long pass to break the defensive midfielder.

    If you then tactics will be abundant with Kinect. Kinect If not, you can enter editing tactics. Speed, speed, position play, pass, shoot, deletion, expansion team, the defensive line of value adjustments.

    This adjustment does not mean the team is to respond to these operational values ​​but to encourage players to make this change.

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    dio quanto squallore in questo topic tra tutti e due sti stronzi qui sopra :rotfl:
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